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Our retailer in South Africa

{ About The Blonde Chaos, South Africa } - SAAR SOLEARES
We met Letty when we were visiting Amsterdam and ran into this cute store called Anna & Nina, where they sold special items, jewelry, accessories, gifts etc. We like the organic approach and decided to ask the girl in the shop if they would be interested in selling our new product-line that we had just launched. Letty, friendly faced and very enthusiastic, made photo's of our samples and soon after our visit, Anna & Nina placed their first order. Letty had also told us about her plans to move to South Africa and open her own shop there. 
Now, a few months later, she contacted us that her store was open! Take a look at her wonderful store : the blondechaos.com
She has a great sense of style and we love the way she presented our products. The selections she makes are original and daring and combine dutch design with a relaxed, easy Cape Town lifestyle. 
x Saar
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