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Packaging made in Florence, Italy

{ About Florence } - SAAR SOLEARES

Made in Italy

On the way to the press check at Conti Tipocolor in Florence, where I wait for days with my love Mauricio Arias, designer of Saar Soleares, in a small press room to achieve the perfect result for our new packaging. The first boxes roll off the press and they are: Italian beautiful! This moment makes all those long months of preparation worthwhile.


It's all in the details

In Florence, everything exudes beauty, tradition and elegance and it smells of white lace with aniseed liqueur, sweet vanilla and fresh limes. I am instantly in love! And some of that magic is now part of our packaging, which is so exciting for me since I am a big believer in the fact that every detail matters.

Back in the Netherlands I will immediately start developing a new perfume

..... to be continued .......


With love & care, Saar.




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